We are pleased to say that a few weeks ago, while filming the Earthshine case-study (coming soon), we were lucky enough to film a short promo on the upcoming book for Earthshine. Check it out below, remember to tweet, talk and give it a virtual high five (not to mention hopping over to www.easylivingfood.com to buy a copy).

The Story

At Further we are lucky to have some great, inspirational, motivated clients. Earthshine is one of our longest standing clients and definitely fall into the category of motivated and inspirational.

Recently, having worked with us on taking Earthshine through an Evolution process, the founders (Natalie and Noel) approached us to announce a decision to pursue a book writing project. We were very excited for them. Demonstrating their normal, relentless passion for pushing boundaries Nat & Noel set out a 12 week concept-to-print process to produce a ground breaking cooking book built on a combination of their culinary knowledge and business modelling skills they have learned through working with us.

The result is a compelling, and disruptive approach to book writing that saw them spend hours working with specific customer segments in mind and creating a compelling value proposition that had been carefully crafted through testing as a part of their journey to print.

For us, at Further, it has been amazing to watch the pace at which their passion + expert knowledge + business modelling capabilities from Further have all added to an amazing result (standing applause for Nat & Noel). We’d love to take credit for the outcome of their work but the reality is that Earthshine are an amazing client having soaked up knowledge from us they used it to push their own vision and agenda…the best form of result!

So What next? Soon we will be talking (read blogging) about the crowd-sourcing model we introduced to help Earthshine cover costs before even sending their book to print.